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In these step-by-step-instructions you will be able to remove and replace that old uncomfortable and broken toilet.
Using the pair of pliers you will need to turn off the water supple valve to the toilet. Turn the valve to right to tighten it closed. Flush the toilet to ensure the water is off, if so the tank will not refill. When the water is off, remove the supply line located on the underside of the tank. Now on the base of the toilet remove the plastic caps and nuts, then gently lift toilet and remove from area. Now that the toilet is removed, use the small scraper to remove the old wax ring from the flange. Sit new wax ring in its place. Install new toilet bolts into the existing flange. Gently lower the new bowl onto the new wax ring and bolts. Now that you have successfully installed the new bowl you will need to install the new tank. Supplied with the tank is a large black o-ring.